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Welcome to O'Connor Catholic College

O'Connor Catholic College is a co-educational high school, from Years 7 to 12, and a systemic school in the Diocese of Armidale. It began in 1975 with the amalgamation of two of Armidale's longest established schools - St Ursula's College (est. 1882) and De La Salle College (est. 1906). The School occupies the site of the former De La Salle College.


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Hearing Their Cry

A Pastoral Statement from Bishop Michael Kennedy

I recently attended the Public Hearing of the Royal Commission into the response of Catholic Church authorities to allegations of child sexual abuse by John Farrell, a former priest of the Diocese of Armidale. I was deeply moved by the testimony given by victims and survivors and their families. I heard of their horror, pain, fear and hurt. I heard of their betrayal, of their inhuman treatment, and of the torment they continue to suffer as the abuse has long lasting effects on their lives.

The treatment they received from the Church at the time was appalling. They, and others who brought the matter into the open should have been encouraged to do so and should have been listened to. I and the Church owe them a debt of gratitude that they did bring this matter to everybody’s attention for the sake and safety of children.

The Pastoral Statement Hearing Their Cry is my personal reflection following my attendance at the Royal Commission Hearing. It is my hope that by reading it you may come to an understanding of my own depth of sorrow and shame for the failings of our Church and Diocese. I know that many of you feel it too. I hope that you might also be informed of the many changes that have been taking place in the Diocese to ensure that our parishes are safe places for all the children and vulnerable in our care.

Please read it by clicking on this link to the Diocesan website


Please share it with others and please keep the victims in your prayers.

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Most Reverend Michael Kennedy

Bishop of Armidale