Mrs Ruth Patrick
PDH/PE Coordinator

The Personal Development, Health and Physical Education program at O’Connor promotes physical, social and emotional development of our students. The program is compulsory for Year 7 -10 and encourages students to develop full participation in physical activity whilst developing self-confidence and an understanding of lifestyle choices.
We begin in Year 7 with fundamental motor skills and progress through to the HSC where the complex issues of community health and improving performance are studied.

Strands studied are,

  • Self and Relationships
  • Movement Skill and Performance
  • Individual and Community Health
  • Lifelong Physical Activity

These are integrated with skills in communicating, decision making, problem solving, moving and planning.

Students at O'Connor in Year 9 and 10 may elect to study Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS) the program’s content is organised in modules within the following three Areas of Study,

  • Foundations of Physical Activity
  • Physical Activity and Sport in Society
  • Enhancing Participation and Performance

In the Senior years students may study PDHPE and Community and Family Studies (CAFS) for the HSC. Course modules studied in PDHPE are,

  • Better Health for Individuals
  • The body in Motion
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Sports Medicine
  • Improving performance

Modules studied in CAFS during the Preliminary Year are,

  • Resource Management
  • Individuals and Groups
  • Families and Communities

The HSC studies are Research Methodology, Groups in Context, Parenting and Caring and The Individual and Work
Sport Leisure and Recreation (SLR) in Year 11 Areas of study include,

  • Aquatics
  • First Aid and Sports Injuries
  • Games and Sports Application

Excursions are run in conjunction with studies. The City to Surf provides an opportunity for students to apply knowledge.
Outdoor camp experiences in senior years to Pindari dam.
Use of the local facilities such as the Armidale Gymnastics Centre, Armidale Aquatics Centre, Sport UNE and Fitness Centre as well as Armidale Indoor Sport and recreation allows students to participate in a range of physical activities.

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