Writing 4 Sustainability

A group of O'Connor students have attended a Writing 4 Sustainability workshop.

The students were placed in small groups and exposed to some stimulus material, after which the students worked co-operatively and developed some wonderful pieces of creative writings in a short time frames. Click here to read these creative writings

Errors in Term Dates

Dear Parents,

Please note that we have identified some errors in the 2018 term dates published on the NESA website and also in the CSO’s 2017 Directory.

The correct term dates for 2018 are as follows:

Starts  Ends
Term 1 (Eastern Division)   29/01/2018  13/04/2018
Term 1 (Western Division)  05/02/2018  13/04/2018
Term 2  30/04/2018  06/07/2018
Term 3  23/07/2018  28/09/2018
Term 4  15/10/2018  21/12/2018






Do not hesitate to contact our office staff for further information here

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