Requirements for 2018

ALL STUDENTS: Ruler, rubber, pens (red, black/blue) 2 HB pencils, coloured pencils, glue stick, scissors,

sharpener. A USB flash drive. This is extremely useful across all subjects.
The library will no longer be providing headphones for use in the Library due to occupational Health & Safety regulations.
Students will need to provide their own.
NOTE: Liquid paper/white ink is NOT encouraged.

Year 7 Pack - available from Carr’s Newsagency – 170 Beardy St, Armidale
Book Pack - Compulsory
  • 7 Books 96 page
  • (Subjects: English, Religious Education, HSIE, Mathematics, Science, Language-French)
  • 1 Display Folder
  • 1 Clear Data Envelope
  • 1 Music Book

Cost $9.95

Students will require a separate book for each subject and are asked not to use one book for several subjects.
School Diaries will be provided at the beginning of the Term.

Additional requirements

Mathematics - Fractions Calculator, Fx82 AU Plus II (available at the School $25), pair of compass, ruler.
Visual Arts - A4 wire spiral back sketchbook 30 single pages (available for purchase at the front office $4),
2/B pencils, ruler, sharpener, coloured pencils, rubber, (Art Kit -optional $25 available from the front office).
PDHPE: Student Work Booklet will be issued. Correct sport uniform including hat for practical lessons.
School sports shirt, School Navy Shorts/Trackpants, white socks and school hat. Shoes must be
supportive running shoes not gym boots or slip on.
Students must bring a hat when doing the Agriculture Unit of Technology

For All Student Materials Needed For 2018 See This Link


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