Vocational Education &Training (VET)

Leader of Learning – James Healy

A students undertaking a VET course have the opportunity to simultaneously obtain both an HSC and a nationally accredited qualification for which they would normally have to attend a TAFE or Vocational College.

External Vocational Education and Training (eVET) courses are either Board Developed Courses, which may contribute to the calculation of an ATAR, or Board Endorsed Courses. VET courses give students work-related skills in a variety of industry areas. Students can receive a nationally recognised qualification when they complete their course.

O’Connor Catholic College has a Trade Training Center and delivers Certificate II in Construction Pathways, Certificate II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations), Primary Industries and Business Services.

For all Students undertaking VET Courses at school, there is a mandatory 70 hours of workplacement over the 2 years. This allows students to gain valuable industry contacts and apply their skills in a real work environment.

Students attending O’Connor Catholic College have access to TAFE and other privately provided vocational (eVET) courses. TAFE New England (TNE) delivers a diverse range of courses from Armidale and Tamworth Campuses some of which are available on-line whilst others are delivered face-to-face.

To ensure no student is disadvantaged, O’Connor Catholic College subsidises TAFE fees where an eVET course is appropriate for that student’s particular pattern of study, although there is a student contribution fee attached to all eVET courses of $500 per student to help cover the course costs.

For more information about offered VET courses see information below