Fee Schedule

Tuition Fees

The Tuition Fee is an annual charge that is divided into three (3) term payments for convenience. Tuition Fees include a resource fee of $500 per annum for Years 7-10 and $700 per annum for Years 11 and 12 to cover the cost of book-hire, computer software licencing and copyright etc. As a systemic school in the Armidale Diocese, the College is required to make regular payments to the Armidale Catholic Schools Office. Tuition Fees are also required to cover normal running costs of the College. Unless a prior arrangement has been made with either the Principal or the College Bursar, all accounts are expected to be finalised promptly.

Family Reduction

A reduction of fees is granted when a family has three or more children attending the College. Where there are three children, the third child will receive a 60% reduction, where there are four or more children, the third will receive a 60% reduction and there is no charge for subsequent children. Consideration will also be given to families with more than two children enrolled at O’Connor Catholic College and the Catholic feeder schools to O’Connor.

Tuition Fees

The Resource Fee is included as part of the Tuition Fees. The 2022 Fees are:

Junior Secondary   Years 7 -10     $1026 per Term x 3 Terms   ($3078 p.a.) 
Senior Secondary   Years 11-12     $1172 per Term x 3 Terms   ($3516 p.a.)

Method of Payment

Payment of Fees and other charges may be made in cash, by cheque, BPAY, EFTPOS or by Credit Card (Bankcard, Visa, Mastercard) or via Compass.

Notification of Withdrawal of Student

Parents are expected to give one month’s notice, in writing, if they are intending to withdraw students from the College. Failure to do so may render them liable for a full term’s fees.

Building Levy

The facilities at O’Connor are maintained through the contribution of families to the Building Levy. These can be existing parents of students, pensioners, or parishioners with no connection to the College. All parents (past, present and future) have a responsibility to maintain and look after the heritage and buildings they have and will inherit. A $405.00 per annum per family building levy is charged and $135 will be invoiced with the Tuition Fees each Term. It can be expected that this levy will increase in future years.

Elective Subject Costs  –  Year 11- 12

Year 11

Construction          $100.00 p.a.

Hospitality            $100.00 p.a.

PDHPE                  $120.00 p.a.

Primary Industries $100.00 p.a.

Year 12

Construction  (VET)         $100.00 p.a.

Hospitality                       $100.00 p.a.

PDHPE                             $120.00 p.a.

Primary Industries            $100.00 p.a.